About us

our vision

To become a body of believers that are

biblically informed

economically educated

spiritually grounded and

training our bodies for kingdom wellness


you can live your best life now!

EMPOWERED LIFE CHURCH is a new church located in Gwinnett County. ELC was birthed through a group of church leaders seeking a place of refuge and love, where people could grow spiritually and be empowered to affect positive change in the community. We believe you can be a part of this amazing journey. At ELC, You're not a visitor; you're family. This is a place for you to come, join, and belong.

When you arrive at ELC, expect to be loved, welcomed, and inspired. We get are passionate about worship, the word of God, and community outreach. We're a church for the entire family and don't care if you come in jeans or a three piece suit. We're just excited to worship with you.

Welcome Home!

At Empowered Life, we believe in ministry to the entire family. When you become a part of our family, you will be initially welcomed into one of our three primary ministry fellowship groups:

ELLE- Empowered Life Ladies Ensemble (Elle is French for distinguished lady- virtuous woman)


AT ELC, we invite our virtuous women of all ages to gather together to fellowship, disciple, and edify one another. If you are seeking the Godly principles that will equip you to “Live Your Best Life” as a woman of God, please join us as we growth together in Christ.



ELM- Empowered Life Men’s Ministry (Elm trees are known for their covering ability, strength, and may have been likened to trees of righteousness)


Men of all ages are invited to gather with a group of Spirit filled and God seeking brothers. At ELC, the ELMM ministry encourages men to walk in the call and image that God has ordained them to live out. Come join us as we grow together in strength and valor while we cover our families, lead our communities, and become more like our Savior.



ELY- Empowered Life Youth (Ely in Hebrew means ‘high and lifted up as offerings’ ~ we lift our child before the Lord to be raised up in His Image and their High Calling)


AT ELC, we invite all of children to become active and engaging members of the congregation. In our ELY ministry, we offer our youth opportunities to learn about Christ, understand the Bible in practical ways, and an environment of healthy minded youth and leaders that will nurture our future generation to become impactful members of the community. Come join and participate in the ELY children and youth ministry.